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St Mary Magdalene Catholic Primary School

Growing Together in Faith and Love.

School Building Fund

Parents, I am urging you to sign up to our monthly direct debit scheme to support our building fund. Unlike state schools, whenever our school does any building work, even if we get a grant, the school must contribute 10% towards the cost plus the VAT. This is a huge commitment for the school, particularly if you consider all the wonderful work we have done in the past five years. Our school is our children’s home five days a week and we aim for our building and school grounds to be of the highest quality. Our school never stands still we constantly update and improve provision.


All we ask for is for you to commit just £5 per month or more if you can! This fund is ‘ring fenced’ and cannot be used for anything other than buildings, it is not part of the school finance but held in a diocesan account. We really need your support, without it we cannot proceed with further improvements. You will be pleased to know OFSTED regard our provision as outstanding and we would like to maintain this but need your support.

Information and Contribution Form