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St Mary Magdalene Catholic Primary School

Growing Together in Faith and Love.

RE Week


The next three days we have the Bible Reading Federation in school offering interactive workshops on different aspects of our faith.  The theme of our workshops is "Who am I?"

The children are exploring their unique identity in Gods eyes, in a meaningful yet enjoyable way.

Friday - Miss Piacquadio's Class

Reflective Stories with Chinda Nuttall

Mrs Giffiths' Class

Mr Williams' Class

Mrs Goff's Class

Mrs Sualy's Class

CAFOD Workshop Mrs Goff & Mrs Sualy's Classes

Prayer Spaces in the Chapel

Refugees - delivered by CAFOD Year 6

Year 6 Art work - Mrs Howell's Class

Thursday - Barnabas Day with Miss Crook's Reception Class

Art work From Reception - Miss Crook

The Rosary - Miss Smith's Class

Barnabas Day - Mr Jones Class

Art Work - Mr Jones Class

Year 6 are studying Iconography - During the Month of Mary they have looked at the Mother of God of Compassion Icon and have studied the symbolism of each colour, gesture, form and their meanings.

Year 6 Mrs Howell's Class - Gathering Memories

Images of Mary - continued

Mrs Indries Year 6 - RE Assessment

Year 6 Mrs Indries Class - Art Work

Wednesday Barnabas Day 2 - Miss Smith's Class

The children with their beautiful "Hail Mary" pictures

Barnabas Day - Mrs Sualy's Class

Barnabas Day - Mrs Goff's Class

Creating our Pentecost Wall Hanging

Tuesday - Barnabas Day 1 Year 6

Barnabas Day - Miss Holland's Class

Barnabas Day - Mr Thonet's Class

Mrs Jones with Reception/Year 1 exploring the "Rosary" and acting out the "Hail Mary."

Fr Bernard in the Nursery - telling the story of "David and Goliath."

Monday - Whole School Assembly - Introduced The Lampedusa Cross to the children

Year six ask Fr Bernard "The Big Questions"

Years 5 & 6 Making Images of Mary in papier mache and Celtic crosses in clay using string pattern

Year 4 are looking at the life of Maria Gomez from El Salvador

Year 3 are covering the Story of Fatima

Year 2 - Miss Smith - are making a "Cross of Hands"

Year 2 - Mr Jones Prayers to Our Lady of Fatima

Year 2 - Mr Jones  Prayers to Our Lady of Fatima 1

Reception are making beautiful pictures of Our Lady of Fatima

Meditation in the Chapel