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St Mary Magdalene Catholic Primary School

Growing Together in Faith and Love.

Pupil Opportunities



Our school librarians have an important role at St Mary Magdalene.  Their main responsibilities are:


  • Helping with library display
  • Helping pupils locate books
  • Ensuring the library is kept tidy
  • Suggesting new books for the library


School Council


We are proud to have elected pupil representatives to participate in the School Council.

The council is in place to provide pupils with a voice and to involve them in decisions about the school that affect them.  Each class from Years 2-6 has a representative on the School Council.

Members are nominated and elected by their classmates.  They can raise issues, share ideas and take part in discussions with their classmates and then bring this to the School Council where they can reach a democratic solution.  The School Council meet regularly and have their own notice board which enables them to keep pupils up to date.  A chair will also be elected.  Agendas and minutes are posted on their board.  The council also seeks pupil views through regular questionnaires.  Fundraising is another area they are involved in usually for local charities.

Over the past couple of years, they have been fully involved in further developing our outside learning environment.


Whilst learning about democracy, they have the opportunity to visit the Houses of Parliament.


Eco Council


Our love of God's world, serving others and conserving energy and resources are the Eco Council's core values.  The Eco Council are elected class members from Years 2-6 who empower other pupils to improve our environment.  The Eco Council plan school initiatives that all the community can become involved in.  We regularly take part in "Walk to School" week, Switch off Fortnight, gardening initiatives, recycling, batteries and ink cartridges.  This year using analysis of school performance, they will be monitoring water and energy use.  They also have the opportunity to visit Milton Keynes Recycling Centre.  As a result of their work the school environment has improved, we have replaced taps ensuring they cannot be left on so conserving water, replaced lighting, insulated the loft and replaced all the school windows to conserve energy.


Play Leaders


Play leaders are Year 5 and 6 pupils who volunteer to help make our play times and lunch times even more enjoyable.  The play leaders have training and are given resources (games booklet) and equipment.  The children who volunteer gain a great deal from their participation in this scheme eg:


  •      Develop leadership skills
  •      Organisation skills
  •      Their own self-esteem and confidence is raised
  •      Help develop their communication skills
  •      Increase their own physical activity as well as that of other children
  •      Develop interpersonal skills and a sense of responsibility