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St Mary Magdalene Catholic Primary School

Growing Together in Faith and Love.


Pirate Day - Ahoy me hearties! What a wonderful day it was for Captain Ledger and her Pirate Crew. The pirates searched for treasure and sailed the seas in their ships. They ate a feast fit for a hungry Pirate Crew. The Children looked fantastic in their costumes and really got into character, we enjoyed walking the plank and singing our sea shanty songs too.

Multicultural Day! The children have had a super day looking at how people from around the world live, what they eat and how they dress. Some of the children came to nursery in clothes that represent their history, culture and heritage. They looked fantastic!

Teddy Bear's Picnic! What a lovely day we have had with our bears. We enjoyed a yummy picnic of sandwiches which the children made themselves, fruit and vegetables, crisps, cakes and biscuits. We played some games and sang some songs. We think the children and the bears had a fantastic time.

Science Week! This week we have tried out lots of different experiments. Some of the children enjoyed being inside a giant bubble made by Mrs Ledger and everyone loved watching the the vinegar and bicarbonate of soda erupt like a volcano.

This week the children have been thinking about the story 'Whatever Next!' by Jill Murphey, it is one of our favourite stories in Nursery. We had a lovely time pretending to fly to the moon in our cardboard rockets like Baby Bear in the story. We built our own rockets using the big construction, made the moon out of playdough and became scientists by exploring glow in the dark stars with the torches.

Easter Tea Party! We loved seeing all of the children's Easter bonnets, the children enjoyed hunting for eggs in our garden and ate some yummy chocolate crispy cakes. Have a lovely Easter break.

World Book Day 2021 - The children had a lovely day celebrating world book day, we explored the story 'The Tiger Who Came To Tea'. In the story the main character Sophie visited a cafe. We enjoyed role playing going to a cafe, this gave the children the opportunity to mark make shopping lists, pretend to order food and explore the job role of being a waiter. The children looked amazing in their costumes.

Chinese New Year 2021 - The Year of the OX

Author spotlight! - Julia Donaldson. We have enjoyed exploring stories written by Julia Donaldson at nursery and at home.

Fairy Tales - Over the last few weeks we have been focussing on some traditional stories. We enjoyed role playing the characters and learnt the phrases 'Once upon a time' and 'they lived happily ever after'

Snow Day Fun! We have had lots of fun exploring the snow. The children used words like crunchy, deep, sparkly, glittery, white, happy and cold to describe the snow and how it made them feel. We observed footprints and shadows, made snow angels and tried to build with the snow. The snow on the hill in nursery made a wonderful slide! We then went inside to warm up with some yummy hot chocolate and a biscuit. What a fantastic day!

Christmas Party Day! The children all had a fantastic time at our party to celebrate Christmas. Have a peaceful christmas and we look forward to welcoming you all back in the new year.

Advent Day – We have been learning the story of the Nativity, counting down the days until Jesus’s birth. We have made advent wreaths and completed some cutting and sticking of the characters from the story. The children played with small world models of the nativity to consolidate their understanding of this important religious story.

Baptism – We looked at artefacts from the rite of Baptism. The children role played the different roles within a baby’s baptism.

November Fun!

Poppy Day and Harvest – We looked at how the Queen commemorates Poppy Day and we made poppies. The children role played a ‘Fruit and Vegetable shop’ using real produce. This was a great opportunity to look at size, weight, texture as well as understanding how the different roles of people in a shop i.e. customers, checkout staff etc.