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St Mary Magdalene Catholic Primary School

Growing Together in Faith and Love.



Pirate Day! Ahoy there me hearties! We have had lots of fun on our pirate day. We went on an adventure to sail the seven seas in our ships, hunting for treasure. We climbed the rigging and swabbed the decks, merrily singing our sea shanties together. We enjoyed a pirate feast and we even had to walk the plank! Arrgh!

We have been busy growing vegetables and herbs in our nursery garden. Today, we harvested some onions, garlic, potatoes and herbs (mint, rosemary and thyme). The children explored the smell of the herbs. Then we cooked some potatoes and ate them at snack time, they were very yummy!

Sports Day 2023! Thank you to all the parents who came to watch our sports day. We were very lucky with the weather and the children had lots of fun.

Den day! Thank you to all the wonderful Dad's, Uncle's and Grandad's who came to build dens with us. We had lots of fun and the dens were amazing!

People who help us - We have been thinking about all the different people who help us. The children have role played lots of different professions, they have been learning how to look after their teeth, how to stay healthy and keep themselves safe.

Goodbye Butterflies!

On a lovely sunny day, we enjoyed having a snack time picnic on the school field.

Science Week. This week we have been taking part in lots of science based activities. The children have been fascinated with watching changes in materials as they happen, predicting and exploring different properties and forces.

Hello Dragonfly! We were very lucky to have a beautiful Dragonfly come to visit our Nursery garden.

Numbers Day! - We were visited by the reception classes and teachers for numbers day. This formed part of the transition process for children who are starting school in september. We had a great time making new friends! The children explored numerals, counting, money, colours, shapes and measuring in weight, length and different sizes.

Coronation Week! We have had a lovely week learning about the coronation of King Charles III. We ended the week with a tea party to celebrate.

Our Nursery Pets. We have been very lucky to be gifted a tank and three fish by one of our families. The children have loved them being here. This week we have also had a special delivery of some caterpillars - we look forward to them growing and changing and hopefully releasing them when they have changed to butterflies.

Multicultural week. We looked and talked about the places our families have travelled and located from. We used the globe to find them. On wednesday we came to school wearing clothes from represented our heritage and tasted food from around the world at snack time. We have looked at stories this week that are from different places around the world.

Whatever Next Week! The children listened to the story of Baby Bear going to the moon. We thought about being in space and landing on the moon.

Easter Week - We have been thinking about Jesus at this time of year. Children have listened and considered carefully the story of Palm Sunday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday. We ended the week with a fun easter egg hunt around the nursery.

Lenten Walk for CAFOD. All of the children walked two laps of the school field to raise funds for CAFOD. For some children it seemed a long way!

Easter Bonnet Competition. Thank you to all the children who entered the easter bonnet competition. Your creations were fantastic! We paraded around the school and everyone commented how great they were. The ladies from the office judged the bonnets away from the children and therefore were anonymous. The overall winner was Isla. Well done Isla!

Mother's Day 2023!

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Wishing all of our lovely Mummy's a very happy Mother's Day.

Prince and Princess Day

Coin Challenge! Thank you to all our families for being so generous in donating coins.

An Icy Day!

Nursery Christmas Concert - What an amazing concert, the children were fantastic!

Advent - Starting to think about waiting for the birth of Jesus.

The children have been thinking about being a member of God's family. They have been learning all about Baptism, through role play and looking at photos from their own Baptism.

Thank you to all the parents who came to our Literacy stay and learn.

On a very wet day we added paint to the puddles and the children enjoyed making marks by riding their bikes through them.

Autumn Time - The children have enjoyed finding out all about what happens in Autumn.

A dark day - The clouds had hidden the sun and the Rabbit room became very dark. We decided we needed torches to see. We had fun looking at things using the torches.

Handa's Surprise Week - We have had a fantastic week learning using this amazing story to look at so many areas of learning.

It was lovely to see so many parents at our Mathematics stay and play session.

A great start to the year! We have welcomed our new children to the Nursery and said hello again to some familiar faces. We have enjoyed getting to know each other and exploring the environment and all the fun things we can do in the Nursery. Have a look at the images from our first few weeks.

Multicultural Day - The children who came dressed in traditional clothes looked exceptional! We toured the school to show everyone our costumes and we had food from around the world at snack time.

Sports Day! The children took part in four different races. The running race, egg and spoon race, bean bag balancing race and the dressing up race. The children were fantastic and we had a lovely time. Thank you to all the families who came along to watch and support the children.

Robot Week. This week we have been learning about robots. We thought about how robots help us, how they move and what they are made from. The best part of the week has to be when we ordered a Starship robot to deliver us some food. We ordered bread and cheese spread to make sandwiches with. The children learnt about the route the robot would take and we considered how this technology might work. We were very excited when the robot arrived! The children enjoyed junk modelling their own robot or creation. Catherine and the children also made a Starship robot using the junk modelling.

Den Day! We were joined by some of the Dads for a fantastic morning of den building. The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and the dens looked amazing.

People who help us - We have been learning all about the different jobs that people do and how they can help us in our lives. On Thursday 10th June we were very lucky to have a visit from a dentist, the children found out all about what kind of foods and drinks are good and bad for their teeth and how to brush their teeth the right way. The children were each given teeth care goody bag to take home.

Phonics - This week we have been learning the bouncy sounds 'o', 'c' and 'k'

Celebration of the Queen's Platinum Jubilee 2022! - We have had a fantastic week learning about the Queen and her family. We opened a special letter that we received from Windsor Castle, Mrs Ledger was very excited! We wrote some invitations to our party. We had a lovely tea party where we ate cucumber sandwiches, jam sandwiches and cake off of real china plates. We ended the week with a special day where we dressed as a Royal. The highlight of the week was the song we learnt written especially for the Jubilee.

'Happy Royal Jubilee' Song!

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The children have learnt a new song to celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee 2022.

Watching our caterpillars grow! The children have been eagerly watching the caterpillars every day to see how they have grown and changed. It was very exciting to observe the caterpillars changing into cocoons and then emerging as beautiful butterflies. On Friday 27th May we said goodbye to the butterflies, releasing them into the wild.

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Story Time! - Thank you to all the parents who joined us for our story time.

Phonics! This week we have recapped all the sounds that we have learnt so far. We also learnt the new bouncy sound 'g'

Noah's Ark! - During the week beginning 16th May 2022 we have been learning the Bible story 'Noah's Ark'.

Week beginning 9th May 2022 - We have continued learning about minibeasts this week.

Phonics - This week we have been learning the bouncy sounds 'd' and 't'

Week beginning 3rd May 2022 - We have started to think about the wonderful world of minibeasts. The Children were excited for the arrival of our Caterpillars and Tadpoles. They have learnt about life cycles and discovered the big word 'metamorphosis'. The children have enjoyed all the themed activities. What a lovely busy week!

Phonics - This week we have been learning the stretchy sound 's'

Week commencing 25th April - We have fitted in so much this week. We started the week by welcoming the Mum's and Dad's to join us for a counting stay and play session. Thank you to those who stayed. We have been enjoying seeing what happens during various experiments for science week and we have started to learn about Pentecost and the Holy Spirit.