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St Mary Magdalene Catholic Primary School

Growing Together in Faith and Love.

Year 4/5 - St Therese

Welcome to Year 4/5 St Therese Class


We are looking forward to working with your children and enabling them to succeed to the best of their abilities (with your help also).  Please read the following carefully as it will give you all the information you need.



Our topics and areas of learning for this term are:

R.E. - New Life, Building Bridges and God's people.

Literacy -

  • learn weekly spellings which will consist of a certain spelling pattern and apply their knowledge to sound out unfamiliar words.
  • to write poems using different structures
  • to write newspaper reports
  • to develop comprehension skills and make inferences, predictions and justify opinions using evidence from text
  • to speak and write in standard English in vocabulary and grammar


  • be able to add and subtract 4/5 digit numbers, including using decimals with pounds and pence
  • be able to multiply 2, 3 and 4 digit numbers by 1/2 digit numbers
  • estimate and use inverse operations to check answers to a calculation
  • solve addition and subtraction two-step problems in contexts, deciding which operations and methods to use and why
  • recognise and write decimal equivalents of any number of tenths or hundredths
  • recognise and write decimal equivalents to ¼; ½; ¾
  • compare and order numbers with up to 2 decimal places
  • round decimals to the nearest whole number
  • estimate and measure amounts for distance (mm, cm, m, km), weight (g, kg) and liquids (ml, cl, l)
  • read graph scales and work using bar charts, time-distance graphs, pictograms, Venn diagrams and Carroll diograms.


Topic - Ancient Greece and Energy.


Science - Earth and Space, Living things and their habitats.


ICT - using the 2 simple software - spreadsheets and emails.



During the week children will have:

  • Spellings
  • Abacus homework and other from the Maths books
  • Literacy or Grammar homework


All homework is given out on a Thursday and it MUST be returned by Wednesday of the following week at the latest.

Please ensure that you support your child with their homework.


Home Reading Books

Your child needs to read every day, this will develop reading and writing skills.  Each child takes books home and the books must be kept in good condition.  Please sign your child's record book to show that you have heard them read and feel free to write any comments.


With kind regards


Mrs P Sualy

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