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St Mary Magdalene Catholic Primary School

Growing Together in Faith and Love.

Year 6 French Trip 2018 - Day 3 part 1

On the morning of day three, we stopped off briefly at Pegasus Bridge. This bridge marks an important part of the D-Day landings. The British took the bridge and used it to secure one of the two possible escape routes back to the beach. This was a back-up in the event of the invasion not going as planned. 


The bridge was taken by the airborne troops in the first 10 minutes of the invasion. They were tasked to hold the bridge and repel German reinforcements until the beach landing forces arrived to relieve them. 


Our next stop was Omaha beach. We spent a while learning about how it was one of the beaches that the American troops landed on. There was a large monument there in memory of all the soldiers who didn’t make it off the beach. 


We also stopped in a little cafe for ice-cream. This was a lovely treat for the year sixes, and they all enjoyed relaxing in the Sun!