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St Mary Magdalene Catholic Primary School

Growing Together in Faith and Love.

CAFOD Live Simply Challenge 2016/2017

CAFOD Live Simply Challenge 2016/2017


Throughout 2016/2017 we at school are taking part in the Cafod Live Simply Challenge and we invite you, as staff, governors, parents and children in our school to join in too.


Central to our faith is that God created everyone with free will and the power to choose.  We all learn that we are accountable for our actions and in order to

experience freedom we also need to exercise responsibility.


This monthly challenge encourages us to look at our personal responsibility for making choices that will enable us to live simply, sustainably and in solidarity with the poor.


Each month we will be given a challenge to think globally and make a decision to take simple steps to bring about change for the better.



I will live simply by saving energy.

I promise to turn the lights off when I leave a room and not leave things on standby.



This month I will live simply by raising money.

I promise to raise money to make a change for people living in poverty.



I will live simply by Recycling.

I promise to find out more about recycling in my local area and to encourage my family and school to recycle





I promise to pray for the people who do not have a safe place to sleep or enough food to eat this Christmas.



This month I will live simply by making new friends.

I promise to make an effort to get to know new people and remember to tell my old friends how much I like




Raising awareness of Fair-trade.

I promise to find out more about Fair-trade and encourage my family to buy Fair-trade products.



For the month of March I will live simply by appreciating the things I have.

I promise to look after the things that I have by keeping my room tidy and putting things away.



The Live Simply Challenge for April is reading more.



Walking or cycling more.

I promise to walk to school more often than I go by car.



This month our challenge is to live simply by not wasting water.

I promise to help the environment by turning the tap off when I clean my teeth.



The challenge for the month of July is to persevere.

I promise to live simply from now on because I know that by making small changes to my own life, I can

help make the world a better place for everyone.