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St Mary Magdalene Catholic Primary School

Growing Together in Faith and Love.

Pupil Opportunities



In our first school we believe that playtimes should be a positive and happy experience for everyone. To help ensure this our Year 6 children have the opportunity to act as playleaders. The children help to organise games and activities on the playground for other children to enjoy. They volunteer to give up their playtime on a rota basis one day per week. They are given special training from Milton Keynes Sports Partnership (MKSP) to help them understand their role and give them good ideas for positive play. Playleaders are given a special bib to wear to ensure they are highly visible during playtimes. Our playleaders play a vital role in making all our playtimes safe and happy.

Picture 1 Some of our Playleaders
School Council


The school council is made up of two elected representatives from each class in Y2-6. They meet regularly and provide feedback to the Senior Leadership Team and pupils. They also have their own school notice board to keep other pupils informed. They are also involved in seeking the views of pupils using regular questionnaires. This focus continues but they are also raising funds for a local charity Medical Detection Dogs. Over the past couple of years the school council have been fully involved in improving our outside learning environment.

Picture 1 Our School Council Members
Eco Council


Our love of Gods world, serving others and conserving energy and resources are the Eco Councils core values. The Eco Council are elected class members from Y3-6 but plan whole school initiatives which all in our community can be involved in. We regularly take part in “Walk to School” weeks, “Switch off Fortnight”, gardening, recycling paper, ink cartridges and monitoring energy use. The focus for this year is reducing and monitoring our electricity, recycling and conserving water.

Picture 1