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St Mary Magdalene Catholic Primary School

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Autumn 2017

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Den Day

Growing Summer

Growing Summer 2017

This week we have been learning about our bodies. We have thought about ways to look after our teeth and we have had a Dentists 'role play'. We have made toothbrushes and practiced cleaning teeth. We have learnt about 'our senses' by listening to musical instruments, feeling rough and soft items and tasting different foods.

We have been planting vegetables ready to grow. We will keep them watered and look after them.

The children have had an enjoyable week learning about the Easter Story from the bible. The work they have produced for R.E. was outstanding and they have thought very carefully about this important story. At the start of the week the children tasted hot cross buns. We ended the week with a fun Easter egg hunt.

This week the children have enjoyed the "We're going on a bear hunt" story. We have acted out the 'swishy swashy grass', the 'whooo hoooo snowstorm' and 'deep dark cave'. The children have had opportunities to use torches in the dark and make bear paw print biscuits. Many of the children have joined in with the words from the story.

Santa's Workshop

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Curriculum Newsletter - Lent 2017

Curriculum Newsletter - Lent 2017 1

Curriculum Newsletter

Admission Policy Nursery 2016

Curriculum Newsletter Advent Term 2

We have finished our Autumn learning by making soup and printing with vegetables.

This week we have started to learn about the season of Autumn. We have been for a walk on the school field to look at the trees, berries, leaves and even spotted a squirrel! Activities within the Nursery have had an Autumnal theme.

Shops - We have enjoyed playing with the shop and the real fruit and vegetables.

Our First Week, 2016. We have settled into Nursery well and have been busy doing lots of activities.

Harvest - Today we harvested the vegetables from the Nursery garden. We dug up carrots and potatoes and picked courgettes. We ate them for our snack. We thanked God for sending the sun and the rain to help the plants and vegetables grow.

The topic the children have been looking at this week has been Space. We looked at the story "Whatever Next" and had it as our role play. The children enjoyed playing in boxes that were rockets and wearing colanders as hats. We watched the Lunar Landings on the whiteboard and learnt how Tim Peake is living on the International Space Station. We have also looked at the planets in the solar system and some of the children can remember their names and how they are different.

This week the children have been learning about the story of The Little Red Hen. We made cakes an bread with salt dough to sell in our Bakers Shop. We played with bread dough and ate fresh bread for our snack. We sang 'five current buns in a bakers shop' every day.

We have been planting potatoes and vegetable seeds in the nursery garden. We will water them and hope that the sun shines to make them grow.

Palm Sunday and New Life. It is the start of Holy Week. The children learnt the story of Palm Sunday and made some palm leaves. "Hosanna!"

Chicks. On Friday 18th March, the children at nursery met the chicks. We wondered if they were brothers and sisters. We watched them eat and drink.


BEAR WEEK IN NURSERY. A fun week full of bear stories and songs. On Friday some of the children went on a "Bear Hunt" on the school field.The children acted out the story well and had fun stomping around in search of the Bear!!

Welcome to our nursery. You will be receiving a newsletter every half term that will give you important information to remember.




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Our senses




Fairy Stories


Our World – New Life



Our World – People who help us

Our environment



The recommended guidelines for nurseries are: one qualified teacher and one member of staff for every thirteen children. Mrs Nichols is our teacher, who is highly experienced. Chloe Ledger, Audra Conway and Natalie Cilliers (support staff) have years of experience and hold a relevant Level 3 qualification. Catherine McCardle and Lenah Okito have received relevant training and have considerable experience as a support assistants.

Our staffing ratio is currently one adult for every eight children. This varies during the school year but never increases beyond one adult for every ten children. We believe our children benefit greatly from these excellent staffing ratios.



Nursery uniform is not compulsory but many parents are keen to send their children in uniform. Nursery uniform consists of:

Royal blue sweatshirt (winter), Royal blue polo shirt (summer). Order forms are available from the school office or you can download one here.


As the children undertake lots of practical activities and access the outdoor learning environment daily, please ensure your child is dressed appropriately. PLEASE KEEP BEST CLOTHES AT HOME.


Labelling clothes

  • All top clothes, anoraks, coats, wellingtons should be clearly labelled with the child;s name
  • Outdoor play is an important part of the nursery curriculum and will take place, weather permitting, throughout the year
  • For this purpose, especially during the winter months, please ensure children have a coat and labelled gloves, hat and scarf
  • In the summer children will need a sun hat


Healthy Eating

As a school we encourage healthy eating and encourage the children to eat healthily. The children receive one piece of free fruit per day (part of a Government scheme)

Children under 5 years of age are entitled to free milk each day. Parents must apply directly to Cool Milk for School (forms available from the school office).

Alternatively parents may provide their child with a drink each day in a named flask. No fizzy drinks are allowed. Drinking water is freely available.


Times of Nursery Sessions

Please make sure your child attends school regularly and on time everyday.


Full time - Monday to Friday 8.45am - 3.00pm

Morning Session - 8.45am - 11.45am

Afternoon Session - 12.00pm - 3.00pm


Please make sure that your child comes to nursery on time as this helps them settle and start the day with ease. Similarly it is important to collect your child on time so that they do not get distressed and worried. If there is a change of plans and you cannot collect your child, please make sure you have called to let the nursery know.


If you have any concerns about your child, please feel free to set a date and time to discuss this with me.


With kind regards


Nursery Team

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Curriculum Newsletter

Curriculum Newsletter




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